Toxic Living

It was a beautiful morning, first sun in ages since our wet winter of discontent and a lovely morning to walk down to the ferry on my way to University. Within minutes my nose was hit with a terrible smell of plastics, spray paint or something like that, as I walked past the garage complex. Immediately it struck me that there isn’t anywhere that I can get away from the side effects of modern living. I’m talking about air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, anything and everything. Such a naturally beautiful morning had such a huge grey cloud thrust over it from this rancid, wretched smell and the noise of traffic. It was too early for traffic locally so the sound was drifting in on the wind. I thought to myself, is there anywhere that does not have a sign or noise or smell of the invasive movement of western society? Now I notice it even more and more often.

Last night the street lights were out near the local supermarket. Immediately it was evident how dark the night was without it and how we live in a false environment with actually no real signs to our bodies to sleep (bright light in the evenings upsetting our natural body clocks into waking rather than sleeping). Is it any wonder that the birds are confused and disorientated and that plants grow out of season. With the darkness momentarily giving my survival instincts a kick, I looked up and saw the most awe inspiring light show from the stars, the more I looked the more became visible and I thought, darkness isn’t so bad when so many stars are noticeable, even a planet or two were shining brightly.

The fact that I suffer from awful tinnitus, my eyes are screwed up, suffer headaches, memory loss and bad neck pain constantly makes me focus on how much living today is toxic. Living today is lazy for us here in the UK, we do not have to actually do anything for ourselves because somewhere else someone else is doing it for us. I’m talking about food provision, water, medicines and in these basic requirements for living we are dictated to by a corporate greed. To grow our own food is hard work, to research into natural medicines is always hampered by the corporate companies, via our own doctors, to partake in clinical medications that are prepared in toxic factories; medicines that are wrapped in plastics and foils and liquids in plastic bottles. We don’t have enough land individually to provide for our own individual needs. The soil is infiltrated and leached by chemicals without us realising, where the neighbour two gardens up is spraying plants with an insecticide or watering their lawn with chemically enhanced growing hormones.

It takes an awful lot of guts and balls to up sticks and move out of urban toxicity; even finding a rural haven will undoubtedly have a degree of modern bleeding of toxic waste or chemicals on it somewhere. Therein lies the dilemma, how can we live today without relying on money and some sort of western toxicity, when does the rat race become the run away race and how do we revert to natural living and divorce ourselves from what we are born into, a false and plastic dependent society. Maybe this is why I adore what Ray Mears does with his birchbark canoe building and rediscovering the simplistic living with the indigenous peoples of this world. He has highlighted how we have lost, and have driven out of other cultures, our natural synchronicity with natural living and the means and resources to do so.

I sit here with my mobile phone that has been washed with benzine poisons by Chinese children, a flatscreen monitor throwing out false light and a street lamp that lights up my bedroom at night so much that I do not have to even turn a light on to see what I’m doing. If I open my window at night, twenty-four hour living infiltrates the air, no peace for any of my senses. And still I have this everlasting taste of plastic in my mouth, flowing through my veins from the water that I drink and the food that I eat. No wonder we all feel like zombies at times.

The prophecies of early science fiction writers such as Gene Roddenberry and the complex Isaac Asimov slowly come to fruition and real life, even films like Wall-E have predicted what we will become, lifeless beings who sit and beckon living to come to us instead of us seeking to live.

Christ tells us through the Gospels not to carry anything with us but the shirt on our backs and a staff to support us but rely on the good nature of human giving as a natural reaction to others in need (Mark 6:8-11). We have even lost that instinct and shut our doors however sometimes I feel it is we who need to shut our doors to shut out the false mask of this society that we are forced to take part in and accept as normal. I am beginning to question everything again.

… just to get you going ..


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