Lenten Diary – Friday 20th February 2015


Malcolm wrote about Christ’s temptation to be taken in by wealth, worldly possessions, material things and our obsession to ‘belong’ by buying into or wearing brands, etc. I immediately thought of those young people not wanting to belong but needing to belong for their own survival. I’m feeling for those young people who are just not included within societal ‘norms’. How selfish for us to have societal ‘norms’! How utterly un-Christ like! While people are so wrapped up in their own bubbles, their own lives and their own little niggles, there is someone who does not have the security of a bubble and is out there vulnerable, without protection of friends but who desperately needs that love. Which one of us will stop gravitating their bubble, stop and look and see that person who is so deserving of our love and accept them and welcome them and let them know they are counted in as loved?

Lentern Diary 4a

POEM for reflection: “All the Kingdoms of the World” – Malcolm Guite.



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