Lenten Diary – Sunday 1st March 2015



A glorious St David’s Day.

Today’s reading I had to read again as tiredness evaded my mind. Keeping this Lenten diary is not as easy as I initially thought and I know now it is about stopping and giving time to GOD whilst my mind is so full of worldly things and concerns. I am led away from Him and so dedicating time for GOD when I am not travelling to University is hard and a failing for me. And so I write this on the Monday, another glorious day.

The reading for Sunday from Malcolm’s book reminded me of a ‘vision’ (not wanting to sound a little weird here!) I had whilst praying in the Chapel at Christ Church (my local). That the Word and GOD come to us through the Cross like a bolt of lightning resonating from high through the structure and to the ground where it seeks us out and travels through our own bodies and in turn through us and on to the next person – if we pay attention. Sparks of Christ are within us all.

Lentern Diary 12

The Cross and the Lightning; a newly lit fire fresh with sparks – the kind you get when you blow on a fire to get it going and new sparks are created.



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