Lenten Diary – Thursday 19th February 2015

For the past couple of weeks I keep seeing or noticing references to a hardened heart, a heart that is wary of being open, a heart that was open but without realising it, had begun to form a shell around it, like filigree. But, if this is left it will form a shell and so because I didn’t pay the right attention my heart began to form a thin film which in turn began to harden. If I can crack this, with a multitude of cracks like an egg shell, in side I will find a fresh, warm and open heart with a golden centre; a centre that is GOD. Unveil your lantern and let it shine, set it on top of the all so that your illumined self can radiate the love of GOD to others.

Lentern Diary 2

POEM for reflection: “Stones into Bread” – Malcolm Guite.




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