Lenten Diary – Thursday 26th February 2015


Maps. An object of love to me. Today’s reading from Malcolm’s book reminded me of my spiritual exercise of drawing my journey with GOD (Inspire course, Portsmouth Cathedral, 2012). I did it with not much overthinking but when I looked back at it I realised the time scale was wrong. Then I realised that what I had done was unconsciously drew GOD’s interaction in my life represented with a golden line and, at each key moment, a starburst or a sunburst.

Our life is a map and the path we gain most satisfaction from regardless of our own suffering is GOD’s path that we follow and our journey with Him. A clear indication that we cannot be separated from His golden thread. What we need to do is to stop and look up. The reading from Malcolm’s book reflects this and the thought that is always on my mind.

Lentern Diary 9

POEM for reflection: “Maps” – Holly Ordway, found on Holly’s website here, http://www.hieropraxis.com/poetry/

and her blog here, http://www.hieropraxis.com/articles/recent-posts/




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