Lenten Diary – Tuesday 4th February 2015

DSC_0026 Commuting. Journeying.

The point that we are all journeying through each day and we make choices along the way. The choice to pay attention, to keep our heads down, to get on with our tasks. Even though those tasks have a reason it is how we go about them, how we travel, how we journey. Will we take notice of the detail that can remain hidden on our trail, do we see the beauty in each leaf, grass and creature, do we smile with joy at the awareness that we have noticed this detail? The joy comes from seeing and realising and acknowledging that those details, each glimmer and sparkle, is part of the breadcrumbs that lead us to Christ. He is in everything, in every sparkle, in every glint of Sunlight on a cloudy day. He is our Morning Star, always radiant and always our source of joy.

My sketch tries to depict my daily commute on the train …. gazing out of the window to see Malcolm’s hill and just behind it that first glint of the Sun coming up from behind it, illuminating my view.

Lentern Diary 7

POEM for reflection: “Satire III” – John Donne.




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