Lenten Diary – Wednesday 25th February 2015


We are each a pilgrim in life, no matter what our beliefs are. We are each a shell on a beach, a grain of sand, a bubble in an endless ocean. What sparkles to us? The glint of the Morning Star on the water? The sparkle in the eye of an ocean-going gull whose feathers twist and turn in a storm and yet their focus is strong and determined? We all rest in a storm, some of us battle on with a gritty determination or with a weary laboured step but regardless of the struggle, still pursue the goal. We must all try and and show a little sparkle of Christ in our hearts as one day, in one moment, we may be a beacon for hope in others. It might just be the case of picking up the right shell, the one that sings to us most. Inside them all is the Morning Star, the abundance of our love.

Lentern Diary 8

POEM for reflection: “The Passionate Man’s Pilgrimage” – Walter Raleigh.




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