Lenten Diary – Wednesday 4th March 2015


(Today’s reading from Malcolm’s book, “The Word in the Wilderness” is one of my most loved).

We were always meant to walk. Walking is the way we reassemble our minds, put our world to right and let the fresh air come in and blow away old cobwebs. The paths upon which we walk without question, help form and become part not only of our thoughts but of us too. It is as if we are soaking up and soaking in ancestral memories. The old well-worn and slightly abandoned hedgerow and hilltop paths are the best and for me, have created the most amazing memories. It is where I can feel closest to GOD, in being part of creation and laying down my memories for future generations to do the same. The incredible realisation is that the landscape will never be the same again, in an instant every variable and outcome has changed, that instant becomes part of you, of what now coarses through your veins. We become one with Creation. It cannot be any other way.

Lentern Diary 15

Upon glancing on the first line of the reading in Malcolm’s book, I saw in my mind a star studded sky and a hedgerow path leading towards it, forever skyward.


A link to this particular reading from Malcolm is here:https://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/prayerwalk/

The Ignatian Facebook page and it’s website encourage us to share photographs of where we found GOD today. I have been featured once in the blog! It is a wonderful read and something else to reflect upon, using images to seek GOD.



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