Lenten Diary – Friday 6th March 2015

IMG_20150308_005351Anointed in Sleep.

Coleridge’s poem, “The Pains of Sleep” is the focus of today’s reading. Before I read the background on Coleridge’s suffering, I felt and understood his anguish, his desire to pray, his desire to sleep, the unworthiness he felt, his helpless internal cries. I understand his acute tiredness, his bodily fatigue yet the inability to sleep. It is a self-destructive circle and yet somehow we find a breakthrough in both prayer and sleep and we are reborn. But, all the time, in every hour, Christ stands over us in our sleep and tells us that we are anointed. When you realise this, you feel His hand upon your head in blessing. Praise Him because He never leaves us.




2 thoughts on “Lenten Diary – Friday 6th March 2015

    • There have been a couple of poems that have reached me Malcolm and this is one of them. Could have been written yesterday because his sentiment is so truthful. Thank you.

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