Lenten Diary – Saturday 7th March 2015

During my accompanied Prayer Week whilst taking part in my Diocese “Inspire” course, and for some time after, I had a recurring dream of broken pots. The dreams were so vivid that I wrote them down and sketched the most profound. This process of writing and drawing helped me to work through these dreams. They were, I realise now, an unconscious prayer and conversations with GOD. The broken pots were representative of me and I was being healed; each broken piece was placed in a monastic pool and then, over time, GOD put my pieces back together and soothed me into one whole again.

This is what the reading today reminded me of; this process of healing, of being remoulded, reformed and (to use JP Newell’s thoughts) re-sounded through GOD. It was a process alongside extreme trauma and suffering in my life at that time. Looking back, I understand it in moments of quiet reflection. The most important thing I have realised today is that this re-moulding is a continual process and reminds me of last week’s thought of time never being the same, of moments never repeatable because each variable has changed and moved on.

So, here I am now with my heart partly enclosed in filigree and in the knowledge that I have allowed the world to interfere and override my spiritual growth. I have to allow GOD to re-sound and re-form the pieces and to smooth me back into one whole again. This time round I understand what is needed and can accept the lesson through GOD’s grace. This is what the Lenten process through Malcolm’s book has shown me. That alone demonstrates that a Lenten discipline is vital and essential to my own spiritual growth and deepening. The awe in this understanding has resonated deeply and with an abundance of thanks to GOD for bringing me Malcolm, JP Newell, my friend Rebekah and my studies at the right time and allowing me to be attentive to their importance on and within my journey.

I could stop my diary here with this one realisation but I shall continue on this journey as I am enjoying my walk with GOD through my hedgerow paths.

2013-06-24 23.40.45

John Philip’s website, check out his books, in particular, “Listening for the Heartbeat of God”. “Christ of the Celts” and “The Rebirthing of God”.


And to Malcolm, his blogsite here:



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