Lenten Diary – Wednesday 11th March 2015

IMG_20150311_223024  Seeking my grounding.

A week of struggling in all aspects of my life, both physical and spiritual. Where am I then on this journey? I believe I have passed Danté’s midway point and out the other side into a new dawning day. Fresh faced but eyes awakening from sleep, looking and feeling slightly bewildered whilst my eyes become accustomed to new light. This has real parallels with my life at the moment as I am coming to the end of my third year at University as a mature student. Finding relevant work is my blank landscape ahead. Where will I fit in? Will I regain my lost confidence? University has run alongside huge personal restructuring and shifts and so it has been a real transitional phase in my life and where I am asking myself, ‘do I want to become someone else?’ … ‘how much do I have to change and should I change to fit in?’ These are real questions about who I am now. All I know at the moment is that I want to be able to use my training as a potential theologian, perhaps. And so, I put my hand on the soft, dew laced grass to feel reality, to ground myself, to establish contact with the Earth and it’s freshness; to reorientate myself back into life.




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