Lenten Diary – Monday 9th March 2015


A word hoard. Malcolm writes today using Danté’s poem in part to expose the importance of what forms us within words. Our own literary paths should continue every day throughout our lives for the rest of our lives. At first, I had the vision of a wild path, a brick layed path – a little unkempt but lovingly used with the worn down edges smoothed away with affection. Then, the bricks visualised as books (but that didn’t work); then it took me back to a dream of being handed a book in which the words were spilling out from between the pages. Word hoards begin as a gift from GOD. Jesus established His Word and so the importance of our own rich, literary heritages must be treasured. For us native Britons it began with engraved symbolism on stone, then the linear Ogham script to the richness of our illuminated manuscripts and through the oral tradition. Treasure your word hoard and build upon it, each a delight to be savoured. His Word as the tip, the jewel in our literary treasury.


This is a fascinating article into what our word hoard should contain,


Check out any book by STEPHEN POLLINGTON, Anglo Saxon Books, for wonderful Old English – spoken and read x

Simon King tweeted (placed something on Twitter!) an article on the demise of the Junior Oxford English Dictionary removing wonderful Old English words and replacing them with phrases. A shameful and sad action. Malcolm responded with a wonderful sonnet (to be found on his blog).




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