Lenten Diary – Tuesday 10th March 2015

IMG_20150311_212534Hilltop Lamp and my Morning Star.

Today’s reading was both beautiful and fearful. I love gateways because they lead to new endeavours and an opportunity to improve happiness and spiritual growth within new experiences. Danté’s dark gate is a place I have seen and never want to revisit. We have moved on so far from that dark place that the only way is forward with fresh and brave steps, new breadcrumbs on trails to follow on a daily basis. My Morning Star shone brightly during those dark times and He still sparkles the same now, the only difference being is that the darkness is overcome by His radiance and His joy shines through. I cannot look back but can only focus on moving forward. And so, I see a hilltop gate (my favourite kind) and my hand reaching out to open it and to step through, bravely setting my lamp upon the gatepost and my Morning Star welcoming us with a new day and His new Light.




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