Lenten Diary – Friday 13th March 2015


A day of two halves – inside and outside with what matters.

My son’s nineteenth birthday x never ignore the struggles of another, just be there for them. Always, and always in love. I am so proud of my son and what he has achieved for we have faced battles that most would shrink away from in fear. Happy Birthday Son xx

John 4:19 “We love because He loved us first”.


The middle week of Lent. It is desolate, cold and incredibly lonely. All I keep seeing today are references to confession and forgiveness and so I lay my cards before Him for forgiveness so that I can truly move on from this loneliness. He smiles lovingly and lets me know, “I will wait”. He will wait for me to move on with Him but for me my own wait is painful. My cards are laid out with a pool of water in each one like mirrors, pools with depth but also reflective. Awaiting to be cleansed by His everlasting and ever loving eternal fountain. If only I could let go and move on now. If only I could pray.


These responses are from working with Malcolm Guite’s “The Word in the Wilderness” book for Lent. Beautifully written through reflection and poetry from the masters including himself.




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