Lenten Diary – Saturday 14th March 2015

IMG_20150315_123539 Emptiness.

It feels like my mind is empty of spirituality, prayer, emotion, spark. Today’s poem is, on its own merit, beautiful. “Dancing Through The Fire” – Malcolm Guite. It begins,

“Then stir my love in idleness to flame,

To find at last the free refining fire,

That guards the hidden garden whence I came ..”

Key words: love, warm, strength, steps, sing, GOD, taught, growth, living thing, intuition, *transformation*, divine, *water*, dance, imagination, desire, imperfection, bright refiner’s fire, resurrection.

I cannot think of my own words today. Only that , for someone who focuses on Water as their saving, finds fire as the refining transformation difficult.


After re-reading Malcolm’s blog post I found it interesting that this night, I have been gazing into my own fire in the hearth .. something I do time to time, transfixed by the dancing flames.




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