Lenten Diary – Tuesday 17th March 2015

IMG_20150318_101131 The frailty of life.

Today’s poem is entitled, “What It Is To Be Human” by John Davies. This is incredibly poignant and difficult to take in as last night I learned that my beloved, young, vivacious and wonderful Welsh Auntie passed away yesterday teatime. I woke up with “God Take Care of the One I Love” by the Storys (my Welsh boys) playing in my head. Malcolm’s own poem, “Holding and Letting Go” seems more apt to be my reflection today. I am sure Malcolm won’t object to my copying it out below.

“Holding and Letting Go”

We have a call to live, and oh

A common call to die.

I watched you and my father go

To bid a friend goodbye.

I watched you hold my father’s hand,

How could it not be so?

The gentleness of holding on

Helps in the letting go.

For when we feel our frailty

How can we not respond?

And reach to hold another’s hand

And feel the common bond?

For then we touch the height above

And every depth below,

We touch the very quick of love;

Holding on and letting go.

(c) Malcolm Guite. Taken from “The Singing Bowl”


My drawing came to mind immediately, as I sat in the rare Spring sunshine thinking of my Auntie. She is holding her hand out to us one last time with a delicate and fresh young Daffodil.


https://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/books/ Search for The Storys on youtube and the incredible Steve Balsamo. This one is sung by Dai x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG5ijdcRUsQ


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