Lenten Diary – Thursday 19th March 2015


My beloved Auntie couldn’t have left me at a more poignant time in respect of the Lent readings. Today’s poem, “Death as Birth” by John Davies is such a heartfelt poem and so beautiful in parts. The verse on the senses (third verse) just touches the heart.

Yet, out comes, and in this world is placed

Where all his Senses in perfection bee:

Where he finds flowers to smell, and fruits to taste;

And sounds to hear, and sundry forms to see.

Malcolm describes this poem as ‘a beautiful and hopeful meditation on death’ but sees it as a parallel to birth, just as Davies writes, from the perspective of an unborn child. But the most beautiful sentences Malcolm writes are these,

“Davies seems to alternate between ‘she’ and ‘he’ when he refers to the baby being born […] when he uses ‘she’ he is speaking of the soul, which, as everyone in his age, he understands as feminine”. To end with, “Davies stands at the threshold of that modern world, but still carrying the spiritual insights of the ancient world, its symbols and its courtesies in every fibre of his being”.


The Aurora Borealis – the essence and energy of celestial life in the form of Light.





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