Lenten Diary – Wednesday 18th March 2015


John Davies’ poem today seems to carry on with a link to the personal events of Monday and the disbelief and shock which I felt yesterday. It was only a couple of weeks ago that my beautiful Welsh Auntie and I spoke. Yesterday I managed to piece together the last few days of her life. Her journey ‘home’ was rapid and very unexpected; in this life we just had no time. One minute she was here and the next she is gone. It is unbelievable and difficult to take in. Now we must wait to hear of the next step in her final journey.

It seems we began Lent coming out of the cave into brave new light only to be plunged down into the darkness, all part of the journey akin to an ancient barge on a subterranean river. I thought of it much like my Auntie’s last days, the long sleep preparing herself to meet the Light.

When a new baby comes into the world, we treat her with great gentleness and in awe of her newly formed, pure being a gift from GOD. Upon leaving this life, we have to treat the dying with the greatest dignity in letting go and giving them back to GOD for every life is a momentary gift; a beautiful treasure to nurture and protect – as a newborn child and a soul returning home. Thank you, Auntie, for being in my life. Return home now.


I have used a previous drawing as I felt it fitted what I was trying to say. This drawing was part of a spiritual exercise as part of my Cathedral’s “Inspire” course.




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