Lenten Diary – Saturday 21st March 2015

IMG_20150322_202517 “An act of trust in the GOD who is Love”

It feels as if I have been plunged into a deep pool, a well of clear and cold cutting water. Submerged, I am plunged into isolation and everything has paused – my dissertation, my reading, my academic thought processes have just stopped. Days and nights merge and I cannot predict when this will end.

I have realised that my Auntie’s funeral is on Maundy Thursday and at the time of Chrism Mass I will be over a hundred miles away in beloved Wales. I will be in Wales on Good Friday and the time of the Liturgy will be spent there or on a lonely train carriage travelling home. I will be on a physically different journey but I guess this will be like the journey to the Cross for Jesus’ family and apostles experiencing grief, death and the survival afterwards. One that goes into the unknown but forward nonetheless and a beginning to pick up, once more, the pieces of my broken pot and a handing over of them back into GOD’s gracious healing hands.




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