Lenten Diary – Monday 23rd March 2015

IMG_20150326_113609The True Beauty can be re-found.

Anything entitled ‘Golgotha’ would be hard hitting if we really looked between the lines. The poem by John Heath-Stubbs is very brief but does the job. Malcolm reflects on the use of the word ‘midden’; it brings our attention to the heartlessness and cruelty of the Crucifixion, that they placed the Jews on a rubbish heap. Yet, it is a perfect description for today and the way we treat Christ yet call ourselves Christian. Our churches have become midden mounds, full of rubbish carried by its people who do not want to put it down and stuff that hides their Christ Light within. The beauty of midden mounds is that they can be excavated to reveal a true beauty. We can find, pick up and reclaim our lost and discarded Pilgrim shells, we can help to pick up others. Even though we all carry personal, real tragedies and suffering, we cannot do this every day.

I go back to the Cross for strength. I find myself at Golgotha, at Calvary, at the bottom of a bloodied Cross and it is a painfully frightening place yet Christ still gives even in His suffering and we can do the same. It is a new day and our true beauty can be re-found if we only have the courage to begin our own unpeeling and excavations.





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