Lenten Diary – Sunday 22nd March 2015



Ill health and bereavement have kept me isolated recently and I didn’t realise that today was “Passion Sunday”, Stations of the Cross, Communion. Added weight to my heart. Reading the poem today (“The Incarnate One” – Edwin Muir), required extra motivation but I was pleased when I finally did. What a wonderful if blunt but true poem. There is so much that I echo and understand and feel within the lines.

Malcolm tenderly adds his reflection; the three angry letters almost forming the shape of the Cross, the tree on a bare and stark hillside above the not knowing race of man. This poem echoes my sometimes feelings on the Church where theology and liturgy can get so complicated, we miss the simple truth because we seek extraordinary and complex understanding of a simple truth. We seemingly have come so far yet in the wrong direction. We have bypassed the Cross and sailed unknowingly by in our coracles and failed to see He that hung there on that barren, harsh and lonely place. For me, it is a place where I can gain and muster my strength to face the next day and seek a brave heart.

For me, Home Communion was all the more special. My Curate downed tools and came to see me, I was blessed by our chat, our shared experience and the simple Eucharist. That and the bible reading for today (John 12:20-33) made it a very powerful reflection.




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