Lenten Diary – Tuesday 24th March 2015


There is so much to reflect on from Malcolm’s reading today that I could fill up almost the rest of this Lent diary. “The Agony” by George Herbert has so much to offer it is difficult to know where to start. Malcolm, however, makes some remarkable reflective comments. All I can suggest is that one reads Malcolm’s book themselves, pg 136-138. I will reiterate Malcolm’s words,

“.. the only way we can know GOD, the only way possible place and person in which we can meet him is Christ. In Christ, GOD meets us in our humanity. It is from the Passion of Christ that we learn both who GOD is and who we are”.

My initial image was that of the Chalice and the blood it caught but I didn’t want to draw this but now my thoughts lead to many Chalices (and a tenuous link to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and what Chalice do we make ourselves to be? This is a link to the midden mound; do we portray outwardly a shining and beautiful Chalice and hide the sin and guilt in our midden mound?Or do we humbly bear our midden mound and show that our Chalice is there but we just need to uncover it a little more each day?

It goes back to simplicity, the harsh reality of the Cross, the grime, the dirt, the blood – this is the real Truth. How shall we now honestly honour this? A midden mound should not be hidden and your shells should be cherished by holding them with pride and thankfulness.




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