Lenten Diary – Wednesday 25th March 2015


Gethsemane. The names get harder as we get closer to Holy Week. Gethsemane is full of emotion, to describe it any further is impossible because it is felt and not heard. To describe deep rooted feelings is difficult because there are no words. When I read Rowan Williams’ poetry I know I am going to get something that resonates within me and the poem ‘Gethsemane’ is just so. Malcolm describes the living memory of ancient trees who bore witness. I absolutely love that and I understand and I believe his words.

Such a beautiful place and to call it a garden describes the place Gethsemane had in peoples’ hearts; but if this garden knew it would hold within its own heart, in its very roots, the weight of the world, the unfathomable depth of emotion and yet so gently hold Jesus in his greatest and most vulnerable hours, the trees would bow and the roots would have dug deeper.

We are a grafted nation; we latch onto Christ like a graft on a tree like the Mistletoe on an old Oak. Like the ancient Briton’s beliefs seeing the one GOD in the brightest Light and latching onto Him in their new understanding.


To understand the depth of the meaning of Gethsemane and the oil press and the Olive Tree, one really must pick up Malcolm’s book. Today’s reflection is a rich and in-depth insight into Rowan’s poem.




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