Lenten Diary – Friday 27th March 2015

IMG_20150328_130520 Storm.

From now, before Palm Sunday, the storm is tumultuously building up in power and the lightning is crackling and building up its charge. Is this then how Holy Week prickles the hair on our necks? It is a time of passing, a time of letting go and retaking our vows, of renewing ourselves in Christ. It is a time of healing.

It took me a while to work out why some people were so emotionally charged; this was spoilt by noticing first those who (like pagans on the street corner wearing scarves on their heads and dressing head to toe in black), wail in Church for others to see and I can’t help but withdraw to the shadows once more and weep to myself. My challenge is to pray for those who o-press me. But, if I am truly to honour His passing from this human existence then I must try and follow His words and forgive them.

Where the poem (“GOD’s Grandeur” by GM Hopkins), and Malcom’s reflection speaks of oppression, GOD pressing the world with might but ‘smeared with toil’, then I must fall to my knees in forgiveness and in unworthiness in the grit and dirt. My heart is already suffering and next week will be bittersweet in sorrow with my Auntie’s funeral on Maundy Thursday and I must, somewhere, find a space to retake my vows and give my loyalty to Him and pray that I am heard.


In my drawing I am trying to depict the building storm (and there is a storm outside today!) and the driving winds and rain that will bring in GOD’s weight against the woman who is pressing her Bible into her heart and holding on to her truth within.


DSC_0018 20150328_120414 IMG_20150308_005621


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