Lenten Diary – Saturday 28th March 2015

IMG_20150329_195922 Renewal in Seasons.

Love as four elements, love as four seasons; life is often described in seasons. Lent and Holy Week seem to do the same. I do not know which earthly season we start from but I do know we go through it all in Lent and especially Holy Week. CS Lewis’ poem, “Love’s as warm as tears”, lulls me into a false sense of security describing love, as Malcolm puts it, as elements – each kind of love as air, earth, fire and water. The last verse hits me like a fierce winter storm, where the sleety rain and wind chill sting your face until it feels raw.

I cannot feel joy in Holy Week, it is a sombre passage to death. I don’t feel any release until Ascension Day; it is then I feel almost complete in the journey with Christ. I feel I have to nurture and protect Him like a newborn being, one who is vulnerable. His full strength, power and majesty is revealed on Ascension Day. Between Easter Sunday and Ascension Day is my recovery of spirit because my spirit has been born anew in Christ and I guess I am as equally vulnerable. I need retreat and rest just as much as our incumbents.


My drawing is trying to depict birth from Light, the pure source of Divine Energy through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter represented in the leaves born in the earth and nurtured by heat, nourished by clear water, whipped up by air towards the decay and eventual rebirth.


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