Lenten Diary – Sunday 29th March 2015


IMG_20150331_003458 Palm Sunday.

I made it to Church, a big achievement and mental effort but I had to start my Holy Week in the right place. As I read Malcolm’s reflection on both his poem, “Palm Sunday” and Holy Week I imagined Jesus upon His donkey entering Jerusalem via a sea of palm leaves and people in joy, but ahead of him was the thunder storm He knew He had to enter even though it would lead to His death and the end of His human existence. Did He really know the absolute desolation and agony that lay ahead? I believe He did but also that He would have taken it one step at a time. Sadly, for me, the afternoon of Palm Sunday led me to face my own and very real storm which has led to a re-thinking of my attendance at my Auntie’s funeral coupled with the agony of standing as an accused. I have to step away and stand alone and bear the unfounded accusations and think upon my Christian principles of how to deal with it.

Christ stood alone and accused despite His innocence. The Passion of Christ is too much for a human mind to bear in its full extent but Christ bore His suffering for us. Through Love. In Love.





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