Lenten Diary, Holy Week – Tuesday 31st March 2015

IMG_20150402_000154 Veils.

Malcolm’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ sonnets are a powerful tool for reflection and listening to his recordings – the spoken word – enhances our experience by using our senses, I love listening to him speak the sonnets as they were intended with emotion in the intended places.

Jesus upon entering the Temple, cleanses the space from those things that violate its very being and essence. Malcolm rightly reflects that we need to be cleansed too. Our thought processes and our responses should cleanse us but only if we do so with love. Cleansing of the mind and spirit could mean making ourselves more vulnerable and therefore we are less likely to do so. No one wants to expose their soul, their spiritual nature and, if we respond correctly, we shouldn’t have to. We must start the process each day upon rising and the same for the evening. By listening and spending time in GOD our veils will disappear. We should allow ourselves to remove a veil in GOD’s presence and show our inner beauty, the Christ Light within us.




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