Lenten Diary- Holy Week, Wednesday 1st April 2015

IMG_20150404_154433 Anointing.

Oh gosh. This gets me in the heart every time. John 12:1-8. It makes me want to cry. When we do GOD’s will here, we are anointed with and in Christ. Anointing is a powerful healing for both persons, brokenness is healed, wounds are soothed and new beginnings can be made.

In the healing service today, in this week, was a powerful healing. It is such a simple yet beautiful service and one to absorb everything. Malcolm talks of Ignatian Spirituality and their model fits with me. It uses all the senses.

The trouble is, I continue to be anointed even though I do not feel worthy yet He affirms this through other means and I ask, “why me?”. Christ anoints us all and this, especially for me, is something difficult to accept but at the same time it goes deep within as acceptance; more profoundly, someone wants me for who I am.


This was a difficult drawing and I thought of using an other face but GOD wanted me and I feel I must stick with this. To be loved.



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