Lenten Diary – Holy Week, Good Friday 3rd April 2015

IMG_20150406_170439The Sharing of One Breath.

“He takes our breath away to give it back”

XII, Stations of the Cross, (c) Malcolm Guite, 2012.

The Hebrew word for ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ is the same. I remember this from my first year at University; it seems so long ago now. The sharing of the One Breath. Breathes life into us, takes it from His only Son, gives it back at Pentecost. Malcolm quotes John 20:22. This ‘one breath’ is a universal concept within most indigenous tribes, from the same divine one and only Creator. Breathing, warmth, water, nourishment are the basics of life on Earth. If you think about the Earth’s atmosphere, we all essentially share the same breath at a molecular level though sadly man has managed to pollute a fair proportion of it. We must look at the ecological impact of our greed, do as Jesus said to own nothing but a staff and the clothes on your back, share your wealth and give thanks for what we have.

Life should be simple if we choose love and compassion. The utter emptiness of Good Friday reminds me so harshly how empty and pointless the World is without love and on this empty and desolate day I ask you all to love one another. There is always hope. We retake our vows before the stark and bare empty Cross, in our church it is a simple bare wooden Cross devoid of everything and yet we bow before it.


My drawing has attempted to portray me – or you – before the Cross but yet, in its starkness it is a living Cross full of life and energy and the One Breath is shared with us all and those who retake their devotion before it.




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