Lenten Diary – Holy Week, Easter Sunday 5th April 2015

IMG_20150408_165422 Easter Rising.

I spent the night in a broken feverish sleep. The events of the last couple of weeks had caught up with me, I guess. On my iPad there was a live streaming of the Franciscan Order in the US conducting a rare service enacting the burial of Christ. I understand the Remembrance of a loved one’s passing but a re-enactment of the burial deeply unsettled me and bled into my feverish dreams. Being awake on and off through the night also reflected my desire to attend the 8am spoken service at Church  and the blessing of the new Eucharist Candle. I wasn’t sure I was well enough for the early morning walk but I made it.

Malcolm’s reflection of George Herbert’s “Easter” is a remarkable insight and incredible understanding of Herbert’s language and the depth of theology within this poem. The journey of Lent and Holy Week ‘has only been one day’. From today we wake each morning taking Christ’s hand to guide us through the hours. The song we sing in every fibre of our being is His, my Morning Star.

I should never seek to veil Him within but turn to His Light with every troubled thought and with every joy in the day no matter how small. We have – I have – been on an incredible journey through every emotion yet His Golden Thread was taut within me and His hand grasping mine. This is an expression not justified by words.

It is the art of listening and the art of seeing that I have to practice every moment of every day to acknowledge His presence in my life. And, to accept me for who I am and to know that I am loved. We are all pilgrims. We are Easter People (I love that!). We live for the Resurrection each day. Thanks to Malcolm for this incredible journey, encouraged by his messages and support. Pentecost and Ascension await.


My drawing gave me some dilemma as to what to portray. I had a good and fixed idea of the rising Morning Star, of a stream in the foreground but I have a desire to make this a bigger piece of work than my notebook page. So, I have revisited a drawing completed at the end of my accompanied Prayer Walk with Portsmouth Diocese’s Inspire Course that I attended. This drawing represents the smallest grain of sand in which Christ occupies. He showed me that He is everywhere, in every drop of water, in every grain of sand. I will try to go from here to recognise this in every day.

IMG_20150308_005621 (c) Malcolm Guite, Canterbury Press, 2014.



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