Lenten Diary – post reflections .. Thursday 16th April 2015 – Malcolm.


Who could write so simply about doubting Thomas yet see the wisdom in his questions to Jesus? I believed no one else could put it into words briefly yet accurate the beauty of Thomas. Malcolm’s words hit home with great accuracy and clarity that there is no question of his meaning. GOD gives us Malcolm’s talent with His word to demonstrate the beauty in being creative and courage to persevere.

This Lent has been the most incredible experience to explore such complex and dark issues yet through creativity Malcolm has given me back beauty within words, theology through poetry, insight through imagination. It is GOD’s invitation to the imagination that allows us to awaken and to see His real beauty. Malcolm is GOD’s gift to us.


(apologies to Malcolm for an unsympathetic likeness! I had planned a slightly different ‘word hoard’ portrait but that needs more space than my notebook can provide).

http://malcolmguite.podomatic.com/entry/2012-04-16T09_59_22-07_00 for “Touching the Wounds” entry.



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