Lenten Diary – Ascension and Pentecost.

IMG_20150704_090031  Crucifixion, Ascension and Living.

Ascension and Pentecost are always difficult to reflect upon but perhaps only sometimes. Ascension is the pinnacle of the Easter season for me – the actualisation of Christ’s true being, of one with the Father. But it is His feet that I focus upon.

His crucified feet show the absolute, raw human suffering with blood, grime, bruising and abuse in such a graphic way that your eye cannot bear the pain.

His resurrected and ascending feet are pure, clean and in childlike innocence as the last physical presence to leave the earthly realm.

Then, His Living feet in every foot on this earth, me and you as His representative. If only we could unclothe our own feet, to touch the dew soft grass in innocence with naked and bare skin so that we can truly feel what it is to be alive in Him in His Creation.

We clothe our feet to hide ourselves from Eden, to shield our self from the painful reality of truly walking in His footsteps in the most difficult aspect of our own pilgrimage – to be truly Christlike.

IMG_20150704_090110 A Trinity of Presence, a Trinity of feet.


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