Ordinary Times – July 2015

IMG_20150718_221849  Connections.

I had one of those moments, like a spark of light, when I understood the connection; it was almost a retelling of life but my divine life, the Divine that is within us all. It is there, the spark is there but we cover it up and try to smother it. When we commit an act of lust without love or reason, we throw ash towards our spark; when we have a negative thought, it’s like a black needle going into our hearts as something that leaches our love away from God and away from each other. Our actions mar our connection with the Divine Source. It is I who puts up the veils and the curtains to shield Him from my sight, it is not He who leaves me. The distractions take away time with Him and pull me away, hang onto me like thorns snagging on my clothes and in my skin. We need to be vigilant and pull these needles and thorns out and throw off the veils that cover our eyes. We must – I must – reveal the connection back within our sight, for this connection, this Golden Thread is the Umbilical Cord which sustains our being and sparks our internal Light, our Lamp set upon the wall. Our connection is through prayer and quiet time alone with Him and we need to be honest and open and still and listen for His whisperings of Love.



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