Ordinary Time – Sunday 19th July 2015

IMG_20150719_150258The Wonder of Creation – New Horizons.

With the new, exciting and incredible images coming from New Horizons reaching Pluto, I saw God’s hands sweeping across the Universe against the stars and the midnight blue and rainbow cosmos and say, “this is mine, my doing, this is Me. See this in all its splendour”. God is pleased that we have reached the next part of our journey in the Cosmos, discovering His Creation as if it is still a newborn horizon.

And here on our beautiful Earth amongst the most awe inspiring creation, we gaze upwards into the far depths of the Universe and into the Cosmos looking for the Divine, looking for Christ. Equally, we can lay down in the forest and gaze up the tree from its roots grounded into the soil to the tips of the farthest leaves reaching forever outwards to the very tip of Christ.

I must then put my hands over my heart and breathe in the cosmic air and know that Christ dwells within me. Within me. The Universe sings and whispers to me, “within you”. Christ is the centre and is the Cosmos, He showers us with his starbright love.

This is my New Horizon.



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