Ordinary Times – Friday 31st July 2015

IMG_20150731_184120 Chasing breadcrumbs.

I find it difficult not to be inspired by Malcolm’s poems and the subject matters always seem to fit in with my anxious thoughts and concerns of the day.

I am preparing to embark on an ambitious, daunting yet exciting chapter of my life, a journey through the Arts and Christian expression in the form of a Masters degree. It was never in my loosely laid plans to do this, another two years of financial struggle, of wondering where the next meal will come from, money for bills and enough for existence; however, I find myself accepting this opportunity with eager and open hands, the opportunity to explore Christ more deeply through a much loved medium of artistic expression. I am overjoyed with the prospect of being able to study in London alongside the multitude of galleries and cathedrals and hidden away parish churches that are ancient and worn. And yet, my hands clutch at breadcrumbs and possible food banks but I know, with rock solid determination holding me firm, that I have to at least give this a go. I need to rest in God and let His plans unfold and trust in Him with this.

Then, amidst the angst, Malcolm pierces my heart with “I Am the Bread of Life” and stops me in my tracks. I trust that God will provide and sustain us whilst we seek His nourishment, not only physical but with spiritual strength. Going from my heart being broken to reveal his love for me to the invitation as poignantly written by Malcolm, “I am the bread of life, break me and eat”.

DSC_0030 My drawing attempts to show empty hands albeit a few crumbs falling, open to accept Christ’s body in bread, broken in the Eucharist and broken in the eating. I have laid Malcolm’s string of pearls broken on the ground because the beauty is in Christ’s offering.



2 thoughts on “Ordinary Times – Friday 31st July 2015

  1. So glad the poem was helpful, I think the drawing also suggests that those crumbs could be seeds falling to the ground and ready to grow for a new harvest and bread for the future

    • Yes, I like that Malcolm, thank you. I have had breadcrumbs before but with me following them … ‘breadcrumbs’ used as a metaphor for something else.
      You know, I was going to see if I could do something for Joseph of Arimathea today seeing as it is his feast day but your poem leapt in (as they do!) and stole my thoughts!

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