Ordinary Times – Ramblings on a Cosmic Scale …

IMG_20150801_002034 Cosmos and the Moon.

It has been amazing. The past couple of months have been on a celestial scale, quite literally; not only with the scientific achievements but with the feast days celebrated. New Horizons reached the far depths of the Cosmos to Pluto and now beyond, meteor showers are about to start, the alignment of the two planets that could have been the origins of the Star of Bethlehem (worked out to mathematical formulae of its appearances) and the Blue Moon occurrence this week.

This year I have been transfixed with the Aurora Borealis as it’s colours have come into most of my drawings and I sit and ponder upon what it is God wants me to convey. At this moment, it is the vast expanse of His beauty and creation.

Songs have been composed around sounds recorded in space … the Gospels should always be heard as well as read. Somewhere I read that God does not talk to us but sings to us. I was in awe of that single thought. Our whole world is in song from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of our atmosphere, all in tune with one another as ecosystems balance their reliance upon each other.

If I were able to create such beauty, I too would sing for an eternity. God’s song softens our modern and often hardened hearts. His song soothes our battle weariness. His song brings us healing in every whisper and echo that is present within his Creation. We must strive to listen to His song.


Upon checking Malcolm’s site for a poem, searching for ‘cosmos’, he has indeed written such a sonnet … again God gives me surprises and an affirmation that this is something He perhaps wants us all to focus on – the entirety, the beauty, the expanse and the order of His cosmos (and I love the NT Greek in this). It is so important that we interpret correctly not only the ancient NT codexes but also His message to us and reflect upon this.

Malcolm’s poem sheds a whole new light onto my diary entry.



2 thoughts on “Ordinary Times – Ramblings on a Cosmic Scale …

  1. Thank you for sharing your ramblings. I need to renew my acquaintance with the Lord and the Bible..read the whole thing but I read a modern version of the new testament and it lost something in translation I think

    • Thanks J x there are many ‘new’ versions out there but I tend to stick to the ESV (English Standard Version) or try NIV (make sure you get the new revised one, 2011 I think) or anything using UBS (they are the academic scholars who know their Greek!). Online there’s biblegateway where you can look at several versions in parallel – it’s a useful tool. But just go with it. Go with whatever sings to you the most x but don’t give up! I’ve been focusing on the women in the NT … all very much misunderstood because they are written about in context to their time when women were not appreciated in society!

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