Ordinary Times – the Word in Creation

IMG_20150831_201815In our hands. The ending and beginnings of seasons.

Discovering Malcolm’s Seven Whole Days roundels on Creation happened at the right time to conclude this volume of my small and faithful diary notebook. This ‘beginning journal’ has taken me on an incredible journey from the tender and innocent beginnings of Lent, as a newly birthed creature, through the emotion and pain of birth and then loss of another to the awakening dawn of my Morning Star, inspired by Malcolm’s sonnets. And then, to confirm that God sings to us through others in perfect sense, He uses current human events to confirm His Creation to unfold the awe-inspiring sequence that happens every day, every hour and second; that there is a birth and an unfolding, a passing of life and a folding and every incident is blessed in prayer and in Light. Nothing goes unnoticed.

This Summer, through ordinary times, I have discovered this truth in every day and given praise and thanks as life unfolds in the simplest of things and I am ever in awe of life’s simplicity. Treasure things in your heart and ponder on them.

Malcolm writes, “… and on the cross, in darkness on this day, You made us new” (Day VI). Christ’s resurrection happens every day with every event and it is our journey to discover the awakenings in Creation with the dawn chorus, the Sun rising and setting, the birds flying from leaf to hedge and the awakening within ourselves as we honour this life and our place in it.


  Malcolm’s roundels can be found here.

DSC_0018 Lenten Diary 2015, accompanied by “The Word in the Wilderness” by Malcolm Guite.



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