Ordinary Times – Sunday6th September 2015

IMG_20150906_233739 Floods and tides.

And yet, after all I’ve been through and experienced this year, I find myself on my own spiritually. Having had, and having, so much to look forward to I find no loyalty in or with the church and its occupants. Being a Christian is always in tension with being human and sometimes neither supports the other, neither is in harmony. People use others for their own advantage, no matter the sorrow it may cause and this is something that I have never understood. Why does the ego take precedent over compassion and truth?

This morning I found myself thinking about the cave I always see in my mind, where I am gazing out over the mountainous desert to watch my Morning Star shine. It is a place of great peace and always a place of wonder. If the Bible could represent all that a human is then the great flood could be the depression that sweeps over some and represent the ego filling others. But, still the Cross remains and remains the pivotal place where we all come to our knees and ponder upon life. Washed up upon its shores, the bleakest yet most vulnerable and beautiful of places for the soul to be exposed. In front of Him.

IMG_20150906_233627My drawing tries to represent the tumultuous tide, lifting up the desert sand and churning up its uniformity, throwing it into the chaos of the waves. The waters of the great flood sweeping over the calm and stirring it as if it were in a pot. Nothing is ordered or neat. Chaos is confusing but mostly it is a beautiful sense. Unordered yet connected to every living thing.


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