Ordinary Times – Sunday 13th September 2015


This week celebrated the birth of our Theotokos, Holy Mother, Mary. After listening to Malcolm Guite’s wonderful sonnets collectively, I wondered how this would affect me. When I walk to work, I pray and on my mind this week has been my son, who is away from home at the moment. In this quiet time, I had focused on Mary and how she felt losing her Son, how she suffered but more importantly, how she loved.

This week has been about love. Love in motherhood, love in and from the Divine through gifts and gestures to help soothe a battling soul.Malcolm had sent me a gift from himself and Steve Bell, a gift of word and music which had uplifted me, someone had been kind enough to think about me and it came unexpectedly at the right moment.

Today, I didn’t go to Church but instead I found myself stumble across a film on Mary Magdalene. I watched, despite the typical youtube comments, because Mary Magdalene reached out to me in the beginning of my journey. We are aligned through suffering and through the forgiveness of Christ. Again, I am back with the three Mary’s – Holy Mother, Magdalene and Mary at Bethany. The one thing today has been about is His Love, this has been rekindled in me, This is why I was held at home today, where I love to be, to see His Love in everything we do. At the foot of the Cross. An alabaster jar, a Chalice and the Cross upon a rock. Anointed with the perfume of tears.

IMG_20150913_131533An alabaster jar, a Chalice and a Cross.

From “Theotokos”, by Malcolm Guite,

“.. Let me share, The prayer that folds the petals of the Rose.

Enfold me too in Love’s last mystery, And bring me to the One you bore for me”. (c) Malcolm Guite.


Malcolm and Steve Malcolm and Steve. View Steve’s website here.



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