Advent Diary – Advent Sunday


Up against the Least, the Last and the Lost, for Advent we have Love, Joy, Peace and Hope. We anticipate His coming and the entering into our lives of His Light. It is the everlasting Light of my Morning Star that is ever present, always and even behind the darkness. Malcolm, in his book, reflects this through paradox, opposites in word that creates such an illumination in my mind through glimpses and images. I am awaiting his ‘O Antiphons’ with great delight.

In the poem by Rossetti that Malcolm uses today, the use of ‘mirror’ wonderfully illustrates the great ‘paradox’. Rossetti’s poem re-sounds to me, “His Hands are Hands she knows” and reminds me that He knows our hands with such intimacy, He knows our works, He knows our hearts. Christ’s intimacy with us, with me, is such a profound and depth of feeling that I want to wrap myself in His Love, in His shawl of protection. I feel I am in such a vulnerable presence of my own being, spiritually and physically, that I wonder what other veils are left of me to strip away, what do I need to understand about myself that prevents me from taking His Hand into mine once more. He has my broken pieces and I guess He needs me to put them back together with Him. He awaits my interaction with His Grace and His Love.


My drawing evolved as I was sketching my idea. My hand is enveloped by comfort and warmth and to me this is representative of my shawl that I wove. The pencil sketch suddenly gave me memories of feathers, of a wing. I had to leave it for a while and then come back to it. This image is still evolving within me.


My shawl…. FB_IMG_1449012249739


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