Advent Diary – 1st December 2015


Shells in the Snow.

I read the poem, ‘The Glance’ (Herbert), as Malcolm suggested, just me and the cat taking note. Malcolm’s reflection has shown me the deeper, uncovered layers to Herbert’s words. In every sentence there is a glimpse of something rare and precious even the acknowledgment of sin. An acknowledgment is the beginning of healing.

I don’t know what it was but my thoughts and meditation of sorts took me to the shell, the kind you pick up, put to your ear and hear the sea. You have a moment’s connection to the sea and, my thought displacement gave me the Aurora (which featured throughout my Lenten Diary) and the snow. A shell is out of place in the snow, we would not associate them together. But there is a beauty, an otherworldliness about the relationship, like Heaven and Earth. Malcolm, upon second reading, points out the ‘direct echo of Jesus’ words’ and reflecting on this, the shell gives me an echo of the sea, the ocean. Inside the shell, wrapped up within, is an echo, a glimpse of His divine love for us but we must be ready to catch it. It is a life-changing experience if we have the sight to see it; if we are not awake, it can be lost in a moment.


Malcolm’s wonderful Advent blog, his spoken word of his book, can be found at his website,


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