Advent Diary -2nd December 2015

IMG_20151205_222313 To the Moon and Back

Grevel Lindop’s poem, ‘The Moons’, gives me a sense of the evening Cosmos though somewhat managing to wane a depth of sadness. Somewhere in his words, or Malcolm’s, is a reference to the dark loss and searching, in the same thought there is that spark and gasp of hope, the yearning to see that the Light is still there and still within the heart and the Soul recognises the song of the Cosmos.

I still hold in awe the notion of the Divine’s song, that He sings to us and reflected in the Moon is an echo of His song, still surrounding and enfolding us within His Beauty and Love like the soothing shawl. We glimpse the Light, we feel His warmth and, if we are still enough and sit quietly in contemplative thought or meditation, we will be gifted in hearing His voice in His song. The Moon, in its endless cycles of waxing and waning, full, half and quarters, is an eternal echo and mirror of the angelic song that carries His voice. Only if we are still enough, will we be able to catch a glimpse of the sound and sparkle of the celestial notes.


Malcolm’s spoken Advent for the day can be found here.



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