Advent Diary – 4th December 2015


Light in the Earth

Scott Cairn’s poem, ‘Annunciation’, took me to the sense of an early morning out in the fields; those early Spring mornings that give you the hope of the warmth to come but yet we are not quite free of Winter. “The dew lights gently, suffusing the pure fleece”. I can smell the warm fleece in its early morning dampens and the reassurance of an animal so gentle and innocent. This takes me to a memory of the days being on my friend’s farm or out on the Cumbrian fells catching a glimpse of the sheep grazing early between the outcrops. It is then this sense of innocence where a creature is oblivious to anything other than the peace of the fields in the early Morning dew. And then it comes to me that the dawn and peace is the beginning of something new.

I miss that experience and being able to enjoy that rare and innocent peace. Some mornings I don’t feel the anticipation of what a new day brings and I need to find this again. The lighting of a candle in an earthen pot was my first image and the colours completely opposite to that of a dawn and now newness. Perhaps it comes together in the knowledge that GOD creates us in this earthen flame and sets us out to meet the new day.


Listening to the poet read his own poem, in the intended emotion, sheds a whole new depth of understanding of the words. Please listen to Malcolm’s daily updates here.



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