Advent Diary – 6th December 2015


The Many Guises.

Serving the servers, a hand of many gloves, a man or woman of many cloaks; one not afraid to kneel and to scrub. There are those who forget that we all have this in our capacity to do, it is not a task beyond our physical bodies but perhaps one that is stifled by the self-centred ego.

For those of us who have little, the delight and honour in receiving a gift is so much more meaningful.Placing GOD in this context seems difficult to some who have adorned Him in gold and jewels, placed Him high with a huge golden crown and yet forget He came to us through Christ to serve us, to take care of the poor, the destitute, the oppressed. Our best gift to Him is a broken and contrite heart, how could we fathom such a gift that to us is shameful or unworthy? Our hearts are precious to Him, as gold and in the simple asking of forgiveness. Potters’ hands are seldom without the slip, gardeners’ nails without a little earth behind them. It is this that grounds us in His reality. He walked among us, tilling the soil, breaking the sod, moulding and in these actions, tending to our needs. Chesterton’s poem is seen in an earthy humbleness.




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