Advent Diary – 7th December 2015



Thoughts of self-emptying (the Kenosis), the empty well that is always refilling, like Christ within the Eucharist. The Hart waits patiently for the refilling, the birds on the branches above … all waiting for Him to replenish us with His spirit.

In our modern, busy, self-centred lives, do we have the patience left to wait with the Hart? Why do we not stop and empty our minds to await His presence? This is the void we all feel in our lives, the empty space which we all feel but cannot quite work out what it is. Some of the fortunate and wise realise the silence, the stillness – what we are all afraid of – is what we need to begin our healing. Our souls take such a battering in our modern living, always busy and never still.

The silence is something we must embrace daily in order to find the peace in ourselves. Our wounds are deep. Edmund Spenser, in “A Hymns of Heavenly Love” talks of the wounds of Christ, the piercing of His side; our souls are pierced and our peace flows away and we need to restore our peace. We can only do this by stilling our lives and awaiting the source to refill the well.


My drawing illustrates our internal spring as a wineskin, it has been cut by a spear and the water is running out and falling into our Pilgrim shell. But, it never runs dry because we are being eternally filled by Him through His light.



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