Advent Diary – 10th December 2015

IMG_20151226_201750 Kindling

It is very easy, when the nights draw in early and the Winter storms weather our faces and our souls, that we soak in the gloom about us and withdraw inwards. We protect our inner light and protect it under a bushel, we do not set it up high for others to see.

It is this time of year when memorial lists at Church grow longer, more wretched and desperately lonely souls walk in front of moving trains and we, the commuters, who also want the safety and warmth of our own destinations are struck by the sadness upon hearing of another fatality on the line; we never know who they are but can only pass on a solitary prayer from our seats and not see the real gut wrenching pain felt by a mother or father, spouse or child, in loss. It is this reason that we must not shrink away and hide our light but expose His radiance through ourselves.

I admit to finding it a struggle to share His joy for all through my own sadness, sometimes only having the strength to be strong for our own loved ones but we dig deep and rekindle our light time and time again through momentary prayers. And then, I see an illuminated window in a church and know that someone is keeping a vigil. For this I am thankful for it is a breadcrumb left by Christ for me to follow and rekindle my own self.


Malcolm’s spoken word can be found here.




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