Advent Diary – 8th December 2015


IMG_20151218_202105 Infans

The Christ Child, the newborn, the infant. Malcolm describes the root of ‘infant’ from the Latin, ‘infans’ – ‘without speech‘.

A baby finds love within the mother’s embrace, the gaze between baby and mother is an unbreakable bond, a scared gaze surpassing any other adoring exchange. This is survival. But ‘infans’ – without speech – is where we have to find ourselves to encounter and uncover Christ’s love within us. If we find our stillness and hear our inner love song, lulled by the beating of our own hearts, the whoosh of sound from the shell in our ears then we can rediscover the connection with the song of the Cosmos and those sacred notes mirrored and reflected by the moon.

If we can rediscover the peace we had as newborn babes, that sacred silence within the sacred gaze then we can reconnect with our own souls and our divine Creator. This love always encompasses and enfolds us like the incense smoke of frankincense and the comfort from a warm embrace, the one our soul has waiting within.


The innocence of an innocent, the peace and stillness in observing new sights from new eyes. Eyes that have seen no fear, no darkness but only wonder and love.

Malcolm’s sonnet for today can be found here.



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