Advent Diary -9th December 2015

IMG_20151218_222434 The Light and the Dark

I’m running slightly behind schedule with Malcolm’s wonderful readings  but actually maybe it was meant to be. This week, I arranged to meet up with two American friends who have flown into the UK for a concert we are all attending in a few days time. Our association with the music, through the music, led us to arrange a visit to an elderly gentleman who lives in almost isolation at the top of an office block.

It was a wonderful afternoon to spend time with an elderly, forgotten professor of music and one who knows the magic and beauty enfolded within each musical note, that inbetween level that speaks to our emotions and touches us most deeply. As a composer, he knows and understands the importance of a rightly placed pause, the breath of a note, the repetition of a heartbeat. This is a rare gift. He understands the sacred silence inbetween the notes. He understands that, at a point we all eventually reach, our own song will end in our mortal lives. Inbetween we have the ability to make our life into a sacred song and our notes are found within the pauses. I do hope that our visit to our elderly friend enlightened him as much as his music in his life enlightened ours.


In each fold of skin in our ageing faces lies a hidden note, a hidden memory and a life seeking wisdom and harmony and peace with our Creator, our wonderful Counsellor.

Malcolm’s wonderful musical, spoken poems can be found here for today.



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