Advent Diary – 12th December 2015


Memories of Time

The stillness of the Winter evenings, sounds that hang on the cooler air. Time is still. When we return home from work or the day, the lock on the door clicks shut and it is like entering into Sanctuary, a Narnia moment if only for a brief flicker. Some of these moments are cold, depressing and tinged with sadness, the house feels cold and we have to muster great strength to switch a light on and invite the warmth in.

Malcolm mentions Tennyson’s distant rural church bells and how they flicker a memory back into being. I wonder what the church bells in the distance will remind me of in years to come, the village church near the creek where the tide comes up on the road. Will they be good reminiscent memories, I wonder? Maybe, after reading Tennyson and Malcolm’s reflection, I will think of them differently.

During Lent, Malcolm used Dante’s ‘Inferno’ and the moment Dante left the cave to face the new light of day, I was grieving for the loss of my beloved Welsh Auntie. Dante will always be that moment that is reminiscent in sorrow and loss.


My poor sketch represents a local church that does have a peel of bells and is heard echoing up the creek. It is situated not far from the water’s edge and technically does not reflect into the water .. however, if you get the right viewpoint you can see the windows lit up if walking home during the darker Winter evenings from across the water. And then, I go to Malcolm’s page and there he uses an image similar to mine! Wonderful.

Malcolm’s spoken word can be heard here.


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