Advent Diary – 13th December 2015

DSC_0002 Winter Blooms

Malcolm informs me that St Lucy’s Day is on what used to be celebrated as Midwinter – Solstice – on the old calendar, when winters were snow laden and cold. The only plants brave enough to flower were the hardy Hellebores, with their delicate colour. This is Nature’s bow to the coming Light, the new season of new life, a day when every glimpse of my Morning Star is all the more precious.

At this time of year and in Advent we await and anticipate the coming of His Light into the world; to see us through human eyes. Mary anticipated the birth of her beloved son and in those final days of pregnancy, you are filled with a mixture of tiredness and fatigue but also fear and excitement. Christmas for me starts when the Christmas Candlelight service begins and then onto a heady Midnight Mass before we are immersed into Communion on Christmas; and on the way home in the dark of night, the Christmas lights in house windows sparkle on deserted streets.

The stillness in the air and in a tiny corner of my garden, under my little Hazel Tree, the Hellebore quietly nods in the stirring Winter winds.


Normally, my Hellebores are blooming but this year they seem to be resting with new flowers only just starting to form. We had the formation of strawberries earlier this month so I am not surprised in the confusion in Nature’s natural seasonal clock.

Malcolm’s spoken word can be found here.


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